Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hey all viewers,

sorry for the M.I.A =(

Im currently further my studies in Aussie, thus, with no proper internet connection and suppliers =( i cant update my blog =(

Anyway, stuff from the blog will be taken care by my mother & ... there will be new stuff coming in every month, but since they dont update blogs and lazy to send me picture, i'll be updating where MIRACLED will be having their bazaar on certain day & date. Feel free to check out the bazaar as lotsa new stuff that my mother bought will blow your mind. Mind you she is getting good =).

In addition to that, i found supplier from Aussie but focussing on shoes/heels only. I'll update about those later =)

Last but not least, thank you for all your support for the REAL ONE FUN MALAYSIA WEEKEND that happened last week, Aug 8 & 9. Most of our stuff sold off and yes, we have to rush to supplier to get more stuff. Love the crowd, love the support, and yes you know we dont charge high dont you =p and we provide the best of the best.

see ya in a bit =)

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